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TC 3316 is a machine suitable for panel and solid wood working with 3200 x 1600 mm vacum fixing worktop, it is equipped with gantry handling and the related slidings occur through high precision tracks and blocks in addition to inclined doubleteeth rack to reach the highest output and speed.
A mobile console with an ergonomic design helps the operator to set up and control the machine during all the working period.
Possibility to assemble separate and continuous groups on special equipment for nesting panel processing.



3, 4, 5 axis electronically controlled  CNC machining centres

Worktop size: mm 3200 x 1600

This selection of machines differs from all the other because of their closed
moving portal and their fixed worktop accessible from both sides. The gantry movement assures a perfect stability to the whole set with high translation speed of the axis.
This range of machines can be equipped with 3, 4 or 5 continuous axis and offers almost infinite possibilities of personalizations for what concerns the operators group, the worktops sizes and the specific locking systems.

The worktop dimensions are suitable for the machining in:

  • furniture sector
  • nautical sector
  • standard panels working