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--TC BFPM 3316

TC BFPM 3316

TC 3316 CNC machining centres are suitable for panels and solid wood processing, equipped with vacum fixing worktop, handling and sliding is guaranteed by high precision guides and shoes and rack with double tilted teeth to achieve maximum output and speed.
A mobile console with an ergonomic design helps the operator to set up and control the machine during all the working period.
Possibility to assemble separate and continuous groups on special equipment for nesting panel processing.



Plan Size: mm 3500 x 1300

The machine is offered:

The machine is offered in the point-to-point version for furniture: milling machine with automatic tool change and head for drilling.
In the version to work the windows, disassembled arches and doors with high power electric spindles, large automatic tool changers and fixitures clamps.

Horizontal heads for breaking locks

Blade head ± 45 °

Anubator head and electro-spindle movement with 3, 4 or 5 contin axes