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Industrial processes performed with artisanal care.

Nuova Bulleri Brevetti is an Italian historical brand that distinguishes CNC machining centres made with superior quality standards.
It has been producing high tech machines for more than 80 years, for this reason the value of a Nuova Bulleri Brevetti branded product comes from an exlcusive heritage of experience and from the ability of our team, the real capital of our company.

Customized and technically perfect products.
Company policy is based on the versatility according to the necessities of the customer, this is made possible by the unlimited know-how in the application fields in which our CNC machines operate.
This is why industrial processes are carried out with artisanal care on every single machine making it possible to create a customized product that is technically perfect in all its components.
In fact, the working protocol in the design, in the production and in the assembly phases, is aimed at making machines according to the specific needs of the customer with whom the desired product configuration is established.
We can customize the size of the working level of 3/5 axis CNC machines, study solutions for particular settings. mount specific accessories or configure the machine management software.
Each of our product is therefore fully customizable, the result is a machine that is realized according to the needs of the customer.
High precision machines that are safe and designed to last over time.
Completely designed and manufactured in Italy, the Nuova Bulleri Brevetti Numerical Control Machining Centers are robust and reliable over time, stable in their heavy steel structures that guarantee constant and long-lasting precision during all the machine operation time.
These characteristics become evident with the passing of time: in fact these machines are destined to work for many years unlike other lighter solutions.
In addition, complying with all the most stringent safety regulations they are safe and suitable for sale in all countries of the world, with any legislation.